General Information

 Monthly Leases:

·          We are not responsible for accidents or damage to your property. It is highly recommended tenants acquire their own insurance for fixtures and inventory.

·          Monthly lease includes utilities (electricity, gas water, Internet). Phone service is not provided, but you are welcome to set up a VoIP system using one of the cable drops in your room (Most rooms have two cable drops). Wi-fi is available in the building, but you are also welcome to set up your own wi-fi network if you prefer.

·          A/C and heater should only run while room is in use. We can help you program your thermostat to meet your needs, but tenants need to help keep utility costs down.

·          Kelley Building staff will clean and maintain common areas, but cooperation of tenants is appreciated. Do not put your trash in the common area trashes. Take your trash to the dumpster. Break down boxes before you put them in the dumpster. Please help keep the area just outside your room clean.

·          Monthly tenants are responsible for cleaning their rooms, as well as basic maintenance such as changing light bulbs.

·          Tenants may place signs/décor on the wall outside their room. Décor, signage, etc. is allowed in hall area just outside each room, but please do not let it get cluttered! Do not use it for storage, trash, or junk you are planning to discard.

·          Invoices for monthly tenants will be sent automatically on the 1st of every month. Payment is due by the 10th of each month.

Daily or Hourly Rentals:

We have tables and chairs available.

·          Payment is due before your event takes place. We can send an invoice for online payment, or payment may be made in person at Kelley Cafe during normal business hours prior to your event.

·          The entire building is not for rent. When you book an event, you are only renting a specific space or suite. You will have access to the halls so bathrooms will be available, but please do not leave trash or spills in the halls. Keep your guests in the area you booked, including children. Do not allow children to wander/run in the halls. If this is an ongoing problem, we will have to increase the cleaning fee for all rentals.

·          Remove your trash and take to dumpster out back.

·          Remove all decorations. If you used confetti or some other decoration that gets everywhere, you need to clean it up. If you hung things from the ceiling or the lights, take them down.

·          You do not have to vacuum, but otherwise the room needs to be left clean.

·          Set-up and decorating needs to take place during your rental time. If you have elaborate decorating to do, be sure to book enough time to get it done.

·          You are allowed up to 30 minutes after your event for clean-up.

Catering available for private/special events.

Phone: 325 515-4035 during Kelley Cafe's normal business hours or 325 515-0050 (will probably need to leave a message).

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